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Farnam Supermask II Arabian Horse Fly Mask without Ears, Assorted


Made to last, SuperMask II Horse Fly Mask is a Farnam bestseller for multiple reasons. Available in sizes to fit every horse—from minis to warmbloods—it protects your horse’s sensitive eyes from annoying flies, dust and debris. It also offers a comfortable design that stays in place, thanks to the unique, horse-proof, Double-Latch Closure.

Protects eyes from insects
Won't obstruct vision
Shields eyes from flying dust, dirt and debris
Horse-proof, Double-Latch Closure provides twice the staying power of other masks
Aids healing after eye injury
Provides maximum comfort with no rubbing or harsh abrasion
Soft, sewn-in mesh ears allow horse's ears to move comfortably while protected
Available in sizes: X-Large, Horse, Small Horse/Arabian, Yearling, and Foal
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