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Hallway Feeds Dimension Horse Feed

Hallway Feeds

Dimension is a fully fortified, low starch, high-fat pellet designed with the performance horse in mind. By increasing the soluble fibers and adding fat this is an ideal choice for horses in maintenance and for horses needing calories for performance while keeping a calm and cool demeanor. Dimension contains NO molasses or grains and is therefore the preferred feed for horses with a sensitivity to carbohydrates and sugars.

  • Formulated for performance horses and those in maintenance
  • Low starch, high fat pellet (1/8")
  • NO molasses or grain products

Edge Technology

Edge Technology-based products are formulated using "super-fibers," which are digested as fiber in the cecum but have the unique ability to provide readily accessible forms of digestible energy. These fiber sources are complimented by adding vegetable oil, with is 2 1/4 times more energy-dense than cereal grains.

Feeding Directions

Dimension is a fully fortified pelleted feed. It is not necessary to add additional protein, vitamin or mineral supplements if this feed is fed as directed. Feed at the rate of 6 – 18 pounds per day depending on the size, body condition, or reproductive status of the horse. If individual feeding level drops below this minimum, consult Hallway Feeds on the use of a protein, vitamin, and mineral supplement, i.e. Stamm 30. Dimension is designed to be offered alongside forage to provide a balanced diet and should be fed with a minimum of 1.5% bodyweight per day of high-quality forage (hay, pasture, hay cubes). Always provide a clean, fresh source of water and free choice salt. Contact Hallway Feeds or your local dealer if you have any questions about the use of the product.


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