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Kentucky Equine Research Micro-Max Ration Fortifier for Horses (4.5 kg (79 servings))


Micro-Max™ is a low-intake concentrated source of vitamins and minerals for mature horses. Micro-Max is ideal for horses that maintain body weight on diets composed entirely of forage or forage and small amounts of concentrate.

The use of Micro-Max ensures that all vitamin and mineral requirements of mature horses and ponies are satisfied for as little as $0.49/day. Because of its low feeding rate, Micro-Max can be fed by itself or mixed with a concentrate.

Guaranteed Analysis per 120 g
Calcium 3,000 mg
Phosphorus 2,000 mg
Magnesium 1,200 mg
Iodine 1.9 mg
Selenium 1.9 mg
Copper 145 mg
Zinc 440 mg
Manganese 240 mg
Iron 185 mg
Vitamin A 42,290 IU
Vitamin D 4,229 IU
Vitamin E 380 IU
Biotin 0.5 mg


Product Review Sheet

Feeding Directions

Feed 120 g per day to horses or 60 g per day to ponies that consume rations consisting of forage only or forage and unfortified grains. For horses and ponies consuming a fortified feed at less than the recommended rate, use this product proportionally (e.g., if a horse is fed half of the recommended feeding rate of a fortified concentrate, feed half of the recommended amount of Micro-Max.)
1 scoop = approximately 60 g

Feeding guidelines for racehorses: Trainers and managers should adhere to the regulations set forth by specific racing jurisdictions prior to using any feed additives or supplements. HISA Compliance


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