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McCauley's Biotime® (10 lb)


Patented, multi-nutrient pelleted hoof and coat supplement for horses

Features & Benefits

  • The only supplement of its kind to have earned a U.S. patent. In fact, it has earned two: U.S. Patent #5000964 & #5066498
  • Aids in remedying nutrient deficiencies often linked to poor hoof and hair coat quality
  • Delivers nutritionally significant levels of biotin, methionine, zinc methionine and yeast culture in a very palatable oatmeal and molasses-based pellet, which will minimize wastage and provide visual assurance of intake


Biotime is truly a unique nutrition supplement for the hoof and coat. Since poor quality hooves and rough, dry hair coats can result from several nutrient deficiencies and/or the diminished ability to metabolize these nutrients, Biotime takes a multi-nutrient approach toward the prevention of these conditions.

Biotime’s wide range of nutrients are supplied in a very palatable oatmeal and molasses-based pellet, which can easily be top-dressed over your horse's feed or fed alone. The small scoop enclosed in each package of Biotime holds approximately a 1-oz. feeding, which is recommended for horses with poor quality hooves and/or dry, rough hair coats.

While positive results have been reported much earlier, several weeks or even months of supplementation may be necessary before the full benefits of Biotime can be seen.


Feeding oatmeal, yeast culture, dried yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) fermentation solubles, cane molasses, D,L-methionine, zinc methionine, d-biotin, along with sorbic acid, propionic acid and ethoxyquin as preservatives.

Guaranteed Analysis

D-Biotin, Min
320 mg/lb (20 mg/ounce)
D,L-methionine, Min
10.6% (3000 mg/ounce)
Zinc, Min
2470 ppm (70 mg/ounce)

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