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Purina® Equine Adult® Horse Feed (50 lbs)


Easy keepers and mature pleasure horses are loving companions with unique nutritional needs. Be sure yours is getting complete and consistent nutrition even when hay and pasture are inadequate, with Equine Adult® horse feed. Formulated with built-in, high-quality hay, this diet helps control starch and sugar consumption, with Outlast® added to support gastric health and comfort.


Built-In Forage

Includes high-quality hay that can be used as a forage replacement or hay stretcher

Controlled Starch & Sugar

Formulated without corn or molasses for horses sensitive to soluble carbohydrates

Consistent Nutrient Intake

Controlled diet promotes consistent intake even when hay or pasture are inadequate

Outlast® Gastric Support

Scientifically shown to support gastric health and comfort even through the stress of travel and competition

Palatable, Digestible Pellets

Vitamin and mineral fortification meets 100% of nutrient requirements for overall health*

 *When fed as directed, with free-choice or added salt, based on Nutrient Requirements of Horses. Sixth Revised Edition – 2007, published by the National Research Council

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