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Hallway Feeds HandiMash™ Horse Feed

Hallway Feeds


HandiMash™ is designed to be a versatile aid for horses during times of stress where hydration is essential and more beneficial than the typical bran mash.

HandiMash™ is a very palatable mash that entices horses to consume and rehydrate, and an easy means of medicating if necessary. Formulated using key “super-fibers” allowing for a quick soaking time for making a mash for consumption. Additionally, HandiMash™ contains electrolytes to replenish losses after heavy workouts, vitamin E as a source of antioxidants for immune support and muscle recovery, and aspergillus oryzae to support digestive function, efficiency and overall health and wellness, along with selenium yeast, an antioxidant for immune support.

Feeding Instructions

HandiMash™ is a highly palatable supplemental ration designed to be used to make a mash to increase fluid intake, enhance electrolyte balance and support healthy digestive function. HandiMash is appropriate for use in mares pre and post foaling, during training and travel and at anytime hydration and electrolyte intake and digestive health is of concern.

To use HandiMash, mix approximately 1 part feed to 2 parts warm water. Feed soon after mixing and at a rate of 6-8 pounds per day. HandiMash is not meant to replace a daily feed regimen, but to serve as a supplemental nutritional support during stressful situations. Always provide a clean, fresh source of water as well as high quality hay.


PROTEIN                       10%
FAT                                 4%
FIBER                            23%
ADF                              29%
NDF                             39%
CALCIUM                    0.8%
PHOSPHORUS            0.4%
COPPER                       25 ppm
SELENIUM                  0.3 ppm
ZINC                           65 ppm
VITAMIN A             5,000 iu/lb
VITAMIN D               650 iu/lb
VITAMIN E                250 iu/lb

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